Food Trucks Roll In

The “temporary” relocation and departure of Colorado State’s popular lunch time hot spots has left students feeling a bit cold. The renovation of the Lory Student Center has displaced not only the incoming first year students, but also its put a wrench in the grubbing routine we upper classmen have come to know and love.

The university has taken steps to ail this process however, and in my opinion, they’ve done this in the best way they could have. FOOD TRUCKS!

Food trucks have become this marvelous trend that’s sweeping the nation. Becoming increasingly popular, food trucks even have landed several hit TV reality and competition shows like The Great Food Truck Race, Eat Street, or Food Truck Revolution.

All this buzz may have been what drove the four food trucks right onto our own CSU campus.

Located along Pitkin, the four trucks have grabbed some serious attention from our ravenous Rams.

From right to left, you can eat at La Piadina, The Common Link, Ba-NOM-a-NOM, or Umami.

La Piadina

La Piadina (Photo courtesy of La Piadina Facebook page)

La Piadina serves up delectable Italian flatbread sandwhiches, in which they use their own home-grown arugula and basil, fresh ingredients, and everything is made from scratch. They even serve up a killer desert sandwich with nutella, fruity jam, nuts, and powdered sugar. La Piadina’s price floats at around $7.

The Common Link Logo

Common Link logo, Courtesy of

Right next door is The Common Link, which offers a variety of all natural, standard, and adventurous hot dogs, brats, and sausages. The colorful spectacle really grabs your eye, and the food will grab your tongue. Here you can get a delicious dog for $5-$10.

Ba-NOM-a-NOM is parked between Common Link and Umami, and prepares frozen treats that far surpass fro-yo or ice cream These yummy treats are made from 100 percent real fruit, making it a healthy vegan and vegetarian option, and you can land yourself one for about $5.

BaNomaNOM food truck

Ba-NOM-a-NOM food truck (courtesy of Ba-NOM-a-NOM’s Facebook page)

Umami brings up the rear (or front, depending which way you come from). If you’re feigning for some Asian-inspired grub, this is the food truck for you. They prepare Ninja Bowls, dumplings, and other delicious meals, all for around $5-$10.


Courtesy of

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